Friday, April 29, 2011

hmm ari nie aku nk tulis dlm bahase english lah! ecehh mcm la pandai! +_+ (bantai je la)
I love you dear friend, I miss you the old friends, why did you change? I do not like the behavior you are now friends,
I hate the behavior you are now! I want you back to your old behavior!
I had mesej you, you never do not respond!
but now when I mesej you, you x direct response!
You always used to say 'we will be friends forever'! but the words you tu only in a dream just to be there,,,
hmm I'm sad to mad when you change! : ((but want to do any kind of god is not right for our friends for as long as it ...ok la I'm too lazy to write much, kat blog ni! bye2 blog ^^


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